Scheduled Maintenance Notice
There is maintenance on the site Saturday nights from 11 P.M. EST to 6 A.M. Sundays. While the site may work, it can be subject to shutdowns.
Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, April 23, LogistiCare is no longer taking online requests for the New York City Dept. of Health Fee for Service Medicaid enrollee population. Facilities or Enrollees wishing to request NEMT for New York City DOH FFS enrollees need to call Medical Answering Services (MAS) at 844-666-6270. LogistiCare continues to take online requests for the Long Island Dept. of Health Fee for Service Medicaid enrollee population, and for the members of its New York Managed Care clients.

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You can use the LogistiCare Member Services Web Portal to request your trips online, at any time, without calling LogistiCare. When you request a reservation, your private information is safe on our secure website.

LogistiCare coordinates over 50 million trips a year and every trip is important to us – especially yours! A LogistiCare customer service representative reviews every request to make sure you get the ride you need based on your medical needs. We want your trip to be completed safely, on time, and delivered with compassion and respect.

If you have not scheduled a trip with LogistiCare before, please contact your LogistiCare Reservations center. After your first call, you can register and set up your account. Then you can use the LogistiCare Member Services Web Portal to request and manage your trips.

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Upcoming Reservations

The LogistiCare Member Services Web Portal keeps you informed about the status of your requests and your upcoming trips. On the My Requests page, you can see the requests you entered and your upcoming trips that have been scheduled. You always receive an e-mail notice from LogistiCare when your trip is scheduled or when the status of your request changes.

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Manage Members

You can request trips for yourself, members of your family, or other people you care for. This means you can use your one account for all of their reservations. You can request trips, see trip information, and update trip requests for all the people in your member list. In the Manage Members section, you can easily add and remove members from your member list.

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Managing your profile means you control your account information. You can change your password or e-mail address. You can add or change the answers to the security questions that LogistiCare uses to project your account. These security features help us protect your private information and give you the options you need to use this website.

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